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Hardline Omega 3 Fish Oil 160 Capsules 40 Servings

Hardline Omega 3 Fish Oil 160 Capsules 40 Servings

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Hardline Omega 3 Fish Oil is a nutritional supplement that stands out with its rich EPA and DHA content. Each serving (4 capsules) contains 360 mg EPA and 240 mg DHA.

Fish oil supplements support post-exercise recovery by accelerating the repair process of muscles. In addition, its inflammation-reducing effects after exercise and during rest periods have been proven by scientific studies. These properties make Hardline Omega 3 Fish Oil an ideal choice for athletes and people with active lifestyles.

Hardline Omega 3 Fish Oil is extremely easy to use; It will be enough to take 4 capsules a day 1 hour after meals. This supplement can be considered an important part of a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. Omega 3 fatty acids help improve your overall health by supporting a wide range of health, from heart health to brain function.

Ingredients: Fish Oil, Edible beef gelatin, Emulsifier (Glycerol), Deionized Water, Antioxidant (Alpha Tocopherol)

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