Who are these 'enduranlar'?

"Enduran" is a name we came up with and use for those who engage in endurance sports. Enduranlar is plural of this word in Turkish. We thought of enduranlar.com as a meeting point for those involved in this type of sports.

As "enduranlar", we also engage in sports such as trail running, road cycling and mountaineering. We turn the mountains upside down and organize long bicycle tours. We try to climb every "interesting" rock we see, no matter how big or small. We participate in races with excitement, sometimes we complete them, sometimes we DNF.

As Enduranlar.com, we decided to share with you the nutrition that accompany us and give us energy during these exciting adventures. Some of the products on our website are among our indispensable items. Others will be part of our new adventures that we will discover with you.

Any opinions, suggestions and requests from you are very valuable to us. You can reach us via the live support line in the lower right corner of our website, via WhatsApp or our contact page. You can tell us which products you would like to see, which products excite you or which ones do not meet your expectations. We would be happy to have you among us in our Enduranlar community so that we can walk together on this journey and exchange ideas.

Let's move forward on this journey together. As Enduranlar, we wish you a good training session!